8Dio Productions Steel String Strummer

8Dio Productions has announced Steel String Strummer, the upcoming sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Steel String Strummer is a deep-sampled collection of steel string strums and contains over 4.000 strum variations, including 13 different rhythms and 13 different chords recorded with natural round robin variation.

8Dio has also launched a “Tonal Thursday Sale”, offering its Hybrid Tools library at 30% off.

Grab a copy of our Hybrid Tools Vol. 1 (just $174) or Hybrid Tools Vol. 2 (just $209) at 30% off for – the offer only lasts till February 1st! All you have to do is add the libraries to the cart and the discount will happen automagically.

Hybrid Tools Sale

  • Hybrid Tools Vol. 1 is a hyper flexible and intuitive scoring tool designed to give a modern sound to your compositions. The instrument contains 38 different core banks of hybrid scoring tools from hybrid rhythms to transforming metals, motion picture boom drones to sick, sick mega-horns, cinematic synths to impacts, phat downers to wild risers, crescendo and decrescendo FX, screaming distortions etc.
  • Hybrid Tools Vol. 2 is the next evolution in contemporary musical sound design – a tool created for both composers and sound designers. The tool is specifically designed to give you that hybrid/modern sound to your compositions. The instrument contains a variety of core banks from the biggest mega-horns ever made to our new psychological signature sounds that just burns in your brainstem. We created some insanely big percussive rolls, which are awesome for transitions and a cool assortment of those trendy Dubstep Trailer FX.

More information: 8Dio Productions