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8Dio releases Harmonium instrument library for Kontakt


8Dio has announced the release of its latest Ethnic Instrument Series library Harmonium, a deep sampled Indian harmonium virtual instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt.

8Dio Harmonium

The Harmonium is the latest in our series of ethnic libraries, originating in Europe as a large reed organ, it traveled to India and became this portable aerophone with a unique sweet sound that can enrich any score with an interesting flair.

The library features both “dirty” and “clean” variants of each articulation for complete control over the instrument’s distinct character and the sound of the air pumping through it. We have included six essential articulations for the Harmonium. With three different types of Sustains (Muted, Semi Muted, and Open) a sharp staccato and separate FX articulations (Crescendo and Air Sound Effects). Each of the Sustains is vital in expressing the emotion of this sweet-sounding instrument.

Harmonium features

  • 20 GB compressed to 9.7 GB (10,267 Samples).
  • Deep Sampled Indian Harmonium.
  • 3 Different Sustains (Muted, Semi Muted, and Open).
  • Sharp Staccato and Sound Effects (Crescendo and Air Sound Effects).
  • Clean and Dirty Patches.
  • Adjustable Keys Artifacts.
  • 2 Stereo Microphone Perspectives + In House Mix.
  • Advanced UI with 4-part XY Effects Engine.

Harmonium for Kontakt 5.8 or higher (full version) is on sale for the intro price of $28 USD until November 1st, 2019. The regular price is $58 USD.

More information: 8Dio

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