8Dio has announced the release of an updated version of the Majestica sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt by Troels Folmann and Colin O’Malley, featuring a symphony orchestra ewith over 240 players divided over strings, brasses, woodwinds and percussion.

Majestica 2.0 comes with 8Dio’s new user friendly Century UI, Polyphonic Legato and TM Pro Arcs.

Derived from our exclusive V8P sample catalogue – Majestica is designed for composers and producers that desires the ultimate, unrivaled epic symphonic sound. We spared no expense and it stands unrivaled on the market as the ultimate epic orchestral production tool.

Majestica was recorded in the same large world-class orchestral hall used for exclusive V8P series and 8Dio CAGE, AGE and Lacrimosa Epic Choir – and contains 96Khz, 3 microphone positions (Mixed, Decca and Far). The UI system for Majestica was built from scratch and contains over 35.000 lines of code giving you the ultimate experience in ease, flexibility, and playability.

Majestica 2.0 for the full version of Kontakt 5.8 or higher is available for purchase for $398 USD from the 8Dio website.