8Dio Productions has announced the availability of its Studio Series Fire Trumpet virtual instrument, a Kontakt library which delivers a dry and modern sound. The deep sampled solo trumpet fits perfectly in any sort of Pop, Salsa, or Latin music.

The Trumpet is characterized by its striking and triumphal sound and continues to dominate the highest register of all the brass instruments. Brass sections in modern pop music are typically smaller in size or only feature a hand full of solo instruments due to there tremendous dynamic range. A single trumpet is capable of masking even the largest of string ensembles. Bold, loud, and powerful.

This library is perfect for performers who want to have total control of the music they write – with articulations that sound alive, crazy fast legatos, the instrument is sampled to never-heard-before depth.

Thanks to our amazing soloist, we were able to capture the soul of Pop and Latin music. Each note is played with the passion that characterizes these styles, each transition has the proper requirements to join this collection that together, will help you create real compositions in a matter of minutes, and then will also allow you to expand your horizons with endless possibilities.

In contrast with other libraries, Studio Fire Trumpet comes from a dry recording, allowing you to skip the classical-sound reverb that generally make it difficult to fit on the latest Pop Tunes – this library is all about writing music, allowing you to have the freedom to write what you want music to communicate – Legatos, Sforzandos, Crescendos, Staccatos, we have everything you need, performed by amazing soloists, using proper Pop Mouthpieces. This is all about performing and sounding alive.

Fire Trumpet features

  • 1.4 GB compressed to 800MB (over 2700 samples).
  • 6 deeply sampled polyphonic legatos.
  • 18 different sustained articulations.
  • 3 styles of short notes.
  • 7 unique sustained dynamic articulations.
  • 42 articulations to choose from.
  • Advanced user interface.

The Studio Series Fire Trumpet is available for $48 USD. It is also part of The Bible of Pop Latin & Salsa Volume III and The Bible of Pop Latin & Salsa Bundle.

More information: 8Dio Productions