8Dio Productions has announced its new sample library Studio Tenor Saxophone, a deep sampled saxophone for Native Instruments Kontakt.

The instrument comes with advanced controls and layered legatos, and chordal legato.

The Studio Tenor Saxophone has its own fully capable mixer with functions such as Solo, Mute, Output Routing, Volume, and Panning. All featured alongside our more advanced offerings such as the new Distance Control, which seamlessly blends between an upfront, direct and dry signal to a wider and more spacious signal.

We wanted to give you direct access to dozens of advanced articulations and modern playing styles with a full range of tempo-synced articulations (relevant articulations only). Our Intimate Studio Series is the next step in a new journey to deliver the highest caliber of players in the most advanced virtual instruments to date.

The Studio Tenor Saxophone is available for $48 USD.

Also available is the Emotional Guitars series of sample libraries, comprising Pads, Multi-Samples, and Rhythm.

Inspired by the Plutchik’s Wheel, Emotional Guitrars aims to encapsulate the most important human emotions.

We decided we could use this information to create a library that could help you create pieces aimed to make listeners feel such emotions, however, we wanted to offer more… so we decided to have these emotions in MultiSample form, in Pads and in Rhythmic loops, that way, you would be able to choose exactly HOW to drive your listeners towards an emotional level.

After narrowing down the project, we decided to make this library only with guitars, to try and make the musician recording these emotions CREATE them with his hands, craft every single note with his art and not merely sound design. This is how Emotional Guitars was born – from the hands and inspiration of one musician (with a lot of guitars), to your fingertips. We loved working on this project, and we are sure it will become an army knife of reaching quick results for you.

With thousands of emotional Rhythms, Pads, and 32 Multi-Sampled Guitars organized into 32 different articulations (Emotions) that closely follow the Plutchik’s Wheel, it has never been easier to score scenes with this much of an emotional impact. Whether you need just a simple underscore or a more complex score that weaves in and out between dozens of different emotional textures, Emotional Guitars has you covered.

The bundle of all three libraries is on sale for $198 USD until May 15th, 2020 (regular $298 USD). The individual libraries are available starting from $48 USD during the promotion.

Furthermore, 8Dio is offering its The New Cajon & Bongo instrument library on the house.

It includes 7,500+ samples, 11 core articulations, and 8 new presets.

We decided to explore both instruments extensively by sampling two sets of professional Cajons (snare and non-snare) and three sets of professional Bongos (small, medium, and large). We recorded the drums as ensembles, divisi, and individual solo instruments, this allows you to build your own custom ensemble size. We have also sampled both types of instruments close and dry, using hands, fingers, mallets, sticks, and brushes.

We made sure to cover a massive range of different playing surfaces on all instruments. Both of the Cajons were also recorded with two different microphone positions (internal and external), so users can truly dial in the sound they wish. Then, we also sampled the instruments a second time, in a warm, slightly wet wooden percussion studio, to allow that much more user flexibility, and as a bonus, we’ve included a special section of ensemble hand claps, finger snaps, and hotrod stick clacks.

All instruments within the library have full 10 round robins per velocity layer, and up to 10 velocity layers each. The end result is the most detailed ensemble and solo Cajon and Bongo library in the history of sampling.

The New Cajon & Bongo is available as a free download for the full version of Kontakt 5.5 or higher.

More information: 8Dio Productions