8DM Try-Pack

8DM has announced the release of Try-Pack, a free taster sample library of 8DM’s product catalog.

The 8DM Try-Pack contains a wide selection of FREE samples from our expanding product line. We have included 3GB of full patches from our Animalix (Big-Room), Dubstep Vol. 1, Dubstep Vol. 2, Electro House Vol. 1, Electro House Vol. 2, Progressive House Vol. 1 and Progressive House Vol. 2. Every single sound is polished to sonic perfection – designed to match the most current top-charts.

No need to EQ, compress, limit, process or side-chain anything. We did it all for you and in several different formats (Maschine, Kontakt and Wavpacks). 8DM is created by the Academy, T.E.C and GANG Award Winning designers of 8Dio – in collaboration with some of the leading top DJs around the world – we are creating the most elite body of high-end EDM libraries – defining the most ultra current sound of dance music. This is about giving you a chart-worthy experience right out of the box. 8DM is purely about EDM (Electronic Dance Music) products and we have an enormous amount of libraries in production.

The Try-Pack is free to download at 8DM for evaluation (non-commercial) purposes only.

More information: 8DM / Try-Pack