9 Soundware Atmospheric Pressure

9 Soundware hasreleased Atmospheric Pressure, a set of instruments for the EXS24 sampler within Apple Logic Pro.

The theme of the sound set is atmospheric pressure, which is portrayed as sounds of wind-like ambience, undersea activity, various air masses, crashing implosions, and ear-tearing altitude shift.

Atmospheric Pressure features

  • 20 instruments, based on 50 samples (30 loops, 16 one-shot events, and 4 hits).
  • Source sounds for the samples include underwater recordings, noise, and performed effects processing.
  • The samples, 1 to 28 seconds in length, include organic noise-based textures, synthetic loops, crescendoing one-shot events, and sustaining impacts.
  • Extensive use of the modulation capabilities of the EXS24 mkII sampler, i.e. tempo synced instruments, free-form textural instruments, impact instruments, as well as ambience instruments that can trigger contrasting samples using MIDI message cc#1, and tuned noise instruments.

Atmospheric Pressure is available now for $19.99 USD.

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