9 Soundware Glacier

9 Soundware hasreleased Glacier, a set of instruments for the EXS24 sampler within Apple Logic Pro.

The theme of the sound set is glaciers. They are depicted with renderings of glacial shimmer, floating ice, violent avalanches, intense wind, as well as simulations of actual sounds of melting glaciers.

Glacier features

  • 21 .EXS files, 50 WAV files (24-bit/44.1 kHz).
  • The source sounds for the samples include ocean field recordings, audio with digital artifacts which were created from deleting and recovering files using utility software, noise, and human breathing.
  • The loops range from evolving textures lasting approximately 30 seconds to sounding wavetable-like audio.
  • Makes extensive use of the modulation capabilities of the EXS24 mkII sampler, including tempo synced instruments, free-form textural instruments, impact instruments, as well as noise instruments which are equally suited for both texture and percussion, and an instrument inspired by actual glaciers sounds recorded by artist Katie Paterson.

Glacier is available for download for $19.99 USD.

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