9 Soundware Kung Fu

9 Soundware has announced the release of Kung Fu, an instrument in EXS24 format.

Inspired by kung fu films of the 1970’s, the drum kit emulates the quintessential sound effects used in fight scenes such as snare-like punches and kicks, swooshes, and sword sounds.

The instrument is based on 100 samples. The source sounds for the samples include synthesis, found objects, and sounds generated by air (based on samples from the Air instrument). In creating these samples, scenes from classic films were studied in great detail and its sound effects were recreated with a combination of Foley-like techniques and painstaking synth programming.

Kung Fu features

  • 100 sounds that are mapped across an 8 octave range in an EXS24 instrument.
  • 7 sound categories: face hit, stomach hit, swoosh, sword clang, sword draw, gong, and crash.
  • 17 MB download includes 1 .EXS file and 100 WAV files (24-bit/44.1 kHz).

Kung Fu is available as a download for $19.99 USD.

Mre information: 9 Soundware