9 Soundware Ring

9 Soundware has announced the release of Ring, a collection of presets for the RingShifter ring modulator/frequency shifter within Apple Logic Pro.

These settings explore the audio morphing capabilities of the unique plug-in, which combines the two effects.

Ring features

  • 35 presets in Frequency Shifter mode and 15 in Ring Modulator mode.
  • Examples include settings which add delay-based rhythmic layers to drum grooves (e.g., Drum Ricochet 1.pst), generate tempo synced modulations (e.g., Automation Surprise.pst and Space Cake.pst), radically reshape harmonic structures (e.g., Anti-Tune.pst and Fiend.pst), as well as those which maintain tonality of the input signal (e.g., Daguerreotype.pst and Sun Dance.pst).
  • The 0.2 MB download includes 50 .pst files.

Ring is available now to download for $14.99 USD.

More information: 9 Soundware / Ring