9 Soundware Thrash

9 Soundware hasreleaed Thrash, a set of instruments for the EXS24 sampler within Apple Logic Pro.

The underlying theme for the sound set is HEADROOM DECIMATING AUDIO. Extreme waveforms were created with one goal and one goal only: To see how gut-wrenchingly jarring and intense sound could be. These eardrum-bashing anomalies are not metalhead-friendly sounds. They are not even sound system-friendly sounds. Many of the samples look like bricks when opened with audio editing software.

Thrash features

  • 31 .EXS instruments, based on 100 WAV files (24-bit/44.1 kHz), 30 loops and 70 hits.
  • The source sounds for the samples include performed noise, synthesis, mixer feedback, screaming, and a drum machine. Many of them are likely to be the most sonically abrasive sounds available in a commercial library.
  • In addition to the 128 MB Thrash.exs instrument which uses all 100 samples, included are 30 instruments which make extensive use of the modulation capabilities of the EXS24 mkII sampler. Among them are tempo synced instruments, free-form textural instruments, impact instruments, as well as a massive drum kit with over 70 sounds (Beat Murderer.exs). Many are designed to be played primarily with the modulation and pitch bend wheels (and less so with the keys). As they lend themselves more to performance than step sequencing, a midi controller is highly recommended when using this sound set.

Thrash is available now for $29.99 USD.

Visit 9 Soundware for more information and audio demos.