Funkybot has released a free sample pack of clap samples.

Funkybot writes:

These were recorded last summer in a wood room (studio in Brooklyn) with either three or four people around an AKG C414 if I remember correctly. They were probably compressed by the Purple 1176 clone before going into the box. The sample names mean nothing other than C1-45 were from take 1, and D1-45 were take 2. These are not arranged in velocity order and are best suited for use with a sampler with round robin features. Also, though these are 24 bit stereo files, the original tracks are actually mono. Feel free to correct this mistake if it bothers you.

The sample pack includes a total of 90 samples and is available for download from Sendspace or Speedyshare.

Update (03-08-2008)
I have converted the samples to 24 bit mono.

 Funkybot 90 Claps — Download size: 3.60 MB