Kate Wild and CAPSUN ProAudio have teamed up to bring 91Vocals, a new sample label that aims to offer premium vocal samples and vocal sound design.

We work with incredible singers, top songwriters and high end gear to deliver a pro sound with a contemporary feel.

Our team combines an extraordinary understanding of all things vocal, forward thinking sound design and industry leading vocal engineers to create inspiring vocal content to make your music stand out.

The launch of 91Vocals comes with the release of its first three sample packs.

Vocal Hooks – Pink Label

First up is the “Vocal Hooks – Pink Label” collection of premium vocal hooks built to signal the drop or inspire an entire song.

91Vocals Vocal Hooks Pink Label

The pack features over 150 female and male vocal hooks (wet and clean), song starters, ad libs and shouts, including powerful female gang vocals and soulful male melodies ready to be either the perfect top line or clean audio for you to chop and experiment.

We selected our favourite performances from sessions in five different keys and BPMs and we encourage you to slice, pitch, effect and mangle. We guarantee original, custom samples that are 100% royalty free!

Vocal Hooks – Pink Label features

  • 24bit Quality.
  • 566 MB.
  • 61 Kate Wild Vocal Hooks – Wet & Clean.
  • 8 Kate Wild Vocal FX Loops.
  • 10 Kate Wild Shouts.
  • 60 Female Vocal Hooks – Wet & Clean.
  • 26 Male Vocal Hooks – Wet & Clean.
  • 10 Vocal Riffs Loops.

Trap Soul Vocals

For producers of Trap music and related genres, there is the “Trap Soul Vocals” collection of hypnotic melodies, wavey textures and zoned out modern rap and RnB vocals.

91Vocals Trap Soul Vocals

In Trap Soul Vocals high-end vocal production meets emotive and experimental sound design, with each sample meticulously designed to act as a spark for a new idea or to seamlessly add color, soul and character.

A blissed out collection of hooks, phrases, chops and lo-fi layers. Expect haunting ambient vox, heavily chopped and pitched phrases, clean vocal hooks treated gently with pop polish but then also hard with Trap autotune and reverb chambers. Ethereal voice elements collide with modern rap grunge. One shot shouts, dirty grunts and mouth fx add the sauce.

Trap Soul Vocals features

  • 24bit Quality.
  • 630 MB.
  • 50 Vocal Hooks – Wet & Clean.
  • 6 Vocal Ad Lib Loops.
  • 24 Ambient Vocal Loops.
  • 12 Vocal Chop Loops.
  • 22 Clean Vocal Loops.
  • 12 Vocal Cuts Loops.
  • 9 Shouts & FX Loops.
  • 10 Vocal Texture Loops.
  • 25 Vocal Hooks FX Loops.
  • 34 Clean Vocal Chop One Shots.
  • 24 Wet Vocal Chop One Shots.
  • 22 Shouts & FX One Shots.
  • 15 Bonus Melodic Loops.

Smoothies – Fresh Vocal Chops

The third pack – “Smoothies – Fresh Vocal Chops” – features 91Vocals’ signature blend of freshly chopped vocals, refreshing sound design and industry leading vocal production.

91Vocals Smoothies Fresh Vocal Chops

For this pack only the finest organic vocals were recorded with top session singers and vocalists using high-end microphones and analog hardware.

Our pro vocal engineer applies a sprinkling of transparent pitch correction and our secret sauce. Then we go to work! We’ve chopped, pitched, vocoded, glitched and re-sampled our huge library of raw audio to create 120 inspiring vocal loops and 110 one shots ready to drop in.

All three packs are available from 91Vocals and Loopmasters for £35 GBP each.
You can also get these samples at Splice Sounds.

Make sure to check the Free Vocals section at 91Vocals to pick up some free packs, including Breathy Impacts, Sexy Whispers, Vocal Infused Claps, Hype Shouts by Kate Wild, and Gang Vocals.

More information: 91Vocals