99Sounds has launched Hands Make Sounds, a collection of hand claps and finger snaps.

99Sounds Hands Make Sounds

The sounds were recorded in six different indoor locations with the goal of capturing their natural reverb characteristics. The result is a detailed and diverse collection of natural sounding hand made percussion sounds.

The clap samples have been recorded in six different rooms, from a tiny toilet to a large empty hallway. Although you’re free to add your own reverb to these sounds of course, it’s sometimes nice to have percussion samples which already capture the natural reverb characteristics of different rooms.

But that’s not all! The library was created in collaboration with Cy Brazanthr, a music producer and sound designer who is also known under the artist name Girls With Depression. He has provided some unusually cool gang claps and processed finger snaps. Some of my favorite sounds in the library are his lovely lo-fi clap samples which have been recorded with a laptop microphone. They sound very digital, but in a nice crunchy way.

The snap samples are sorted into four different groups. The samples labeled snap-close have been recorded from close range, with almost zero reverb. The ones labeled snap-far have been recorded in my living room, from various distances.
Samples labeled snap-slow and snap-stacked are more digital sounding. Cy has done pitched down some of them, to achieve a crunchier sound.

Hands Make Sounds features

  • 158 audio samples in total.
  • Includes 96 hand clap samples, 62 finger snap samples.
  • 24-bit WAV format/44.1 kHz Stereo.
  • 19.9 MB size on disk.

The pack is a free download.

More information: 99Sounds / Hands Make Sounds