House of Loop has released Future House Capture, a sample pack featuring a collection of drum loops and melodic parts by 9OP.

House of Loop 9OP Future House Capture

Many speculate as to what the future brings and foreshadow trends along with what life might be like then. In the movie, “The Green Slime” and “The Fifth Element” future music was a topic or in the case of “The Green Slime” it was the soundtrack. Today as of 2018 we have artists that incorporate new ideas and perhaps progressive aspects into their music, which help define what we consider future sound, currently.

Catching one’s attention is pivotal for being an artist or creator, of music or in any medium really. If that is something that You are having trouble with, here is the “Future House Capture” pack to assist with that. You may have heard of the artist, 9OP from France. This artist / Nino Pecoraro is from Annecy and deals with sounds that are trademark of the current Future sound, Trap and Hip Hop.

Future House Capture is available from Loopmasters for £14.95 GBP, with parts also sold separately.

More information: House of Loop