A.O.M. Audio Plug-ins has announced Nu Compressor, a multi-purpose track compressor effect for Windows and Mac.

AOM Nu Compressor

Nu Compressor comes with carefully-crafted 52 programs, each with a set of 90+ hidden parameters.

Each program has a varied reduction curve shape, envelope generation algorithm, knee shape, static/dynamic control of frequency response and saturation, and preferred range of attack time and release time.

Nu Compressor features

  • 52 programs with dedicated reduction behaviors and sound characters.
  • Common compressor controls like input gain, threshold, etc.
  • VU ballistic reduction meter.
  • Internal and external side-chain input.
  • Side-chain input filtering.
  • Side-chain monitoring.
  • Side-chain input meter.
  • Compact display; right panel can be collapsed.

Nu Compressor is available in VST/VST3, AU and AAX formats, priced $300 USD.

Additionally, all other A.O.M. plugins have been updated to version 1.11.0. The update includes various bug fixes and improvements such as reduced GUI loading time.

More information: A.O.M.