How do you build a career in sound? It’s not easy, but to help make it happen, A Sound Effect is giving away the free Sound Success Guide, a 60+ page guide featuring insights from 20 audio industry experts on how to get started and succeed in 18 different types of audio jobs.

A Sound Effect Success Guide

The goal with the Sound Success Guide is to help readers grow – or kickstart – their sound business, branch out, learn new skills, and give them multiple revenue streams that’ll protect them from the ups and downs of the audio industry.

The guide covers the following audio job types:

  • ADR Recording
  • Advertising Sound
  • Animation Sound
  • Audio Branding
  • Audio Programming
  • Documentary Sound
  • Field Recording
  • Film Sound
  • Foley
  • Game Audio
  • Music Editing
  • Production Sound
  • Sound Editing
  • Sound for VR/AR/MR
  • Teaching Sound
  • Television Sound
  • Trailer Audio
  • UI/UX Sound Design

The guide features contributions from Adam Croft, Anna Woźniewicz, Anne-Sophie Mongeau, Chris Pinkston, Emma Butt, Helena McGill, Henry Daw, Irin Strauss, James David Redding III, Jeff Shiffman, Karél Psota, Kate Finan, Lucy J Mitchell, Nia Hansen, Peter Albrechtsen, Peter D. Lago, Ronnie van der Veer, Steve Keller, Steven Saltzman, and Thomas Rex Beverly.

Readers are actively encouraged to give away the guide to friends, colleagues, fellow students, teachers, subscribers, visitors and others, so more people can benefit from it.

The guide is available to download completely free of charge – and with no signups required.

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