A Sound Effect has announced availability of the Free Audio Power Pack, a collection of free sound effects, a guide and limited time access to Soundly Pro.

A Sound Effect Community Support Package

In these highly unusual times, we can all use a power-up – and to help with that, we’ve compiled an Audio Community Power Pack to hopefully make the coming days and weeks a bit easier.

The pack includes:

  • 14 days of free, full access to Soundly Pro, with its arsenal of sound effects & excellent librarian functions included.
  • The Sound Success Guide, with 60+ pages of expert advice on how to start & succeed in 18 types of audio jobs. Could help bring in additional revenue streams.
  • 75 free sound effects from Chase Steele’s video tutorials, courtesy of Sound Spark.
  • 20 free sound effects, courtesy of Kaibrary / Kai Paquin.

More information: A Sound Effect