Midierror has released a new Max for Live device that fuses MIDI notes and control changes which will turn note playback into an exploration and expansion of your synth capabilities.

Inspired by the AFX Mode on the BassStation II, the A4X Mode device sends up to 4 MIDI CCs for each note, with the ability to have values change instantly or slide within a set time.

Set the keyboard root note and a range of up to 64 notes with 4 CCs to assign for each. The played notes are highlighted on the multislider and displayed in the central MIDI monitor.

Each CC has settings for instant or sliding values, with the sound mutating from one key value to the next. The slide timing can be set between 0 and 5000 miliseconds for gradual movements or rapid switchovers. Select the minimum and maximum values for each indivdual CC and use the control slider to quickly set all values together.

The device works with both mono and polyphonic playback. An output limiter adjusts the interval of MIDI messages to mitigate the chance of buffer issues.

A4X Mode is available for £14.50 GBP. It requires Ableton Live 10 and Max for Live (included in Suite version of Live).

Also, the latest midierror meets podcast is out now. Episode 27 features Duvdev from Infected Mushroom, who have been at the forefront of electronic music for over 2 decades, forging their own genre defining sound of Psy Trance.