Applied Acoustics Systems has released its new sound pack Kicks & Snares, a collection of 100 drum sounds for the Ultra Analog VA-3 synthesizer and AAS Player plugin.

You can never have too many kicks and snares! Resident sound designer Adam Pietruszko signs off on an expertly crafted and clever collection of punchy bass drum and cut-through snare presets in this new sound pack for Ultra Analog VA-3.

Bring new energy to your productions by laying a solid foundation with either classic analog drum machine inspired sounds or experimental and processed elements. Use Ultra Analog VA-3 to smartly shape each sound easily with inventive macro-control assignments for an infinite amount of sound possibilities—especially when combined with track automation.

Along with its 30 kicks, 30 snares, and 25 rhythm grooves, hi-hats and various percussions were added to the pack for good measure, making Kicks and Snares a complete drum track solution for your projects.

The sound pack is on sale for the intro price of $19 USD (regular $39 USD).

In celebration of the release, all products related to the Ultra Analog VA-3 synthesizer are available at a 50% discount as well. This offer includes upgrades.

More information: Applied Acoustics Systems