For the month of February, Plugin Boutique is offering a free copy of the Objeq Delay creative delay effect plugin by Applied Acoustics Systems with any purchase at its store.

Objeq Delay combines acoustic filtering with a clever delay unit. It goes well beyond a traditional delay, delivering modulator type effects, drum track layering, one-shot re-crafting, dynamic loop mangling, and drones.

“Objeq delay is a truly creative and fun effect with multifaceted applications,” said Eric Thibeault, the product’s designer, “Objeq Delay is obviously a great delay unit, but the complete feature set takes it to another level. The acoustic resonator is a great percussion track enhancer—it’s fantastic on kicks and snares. The split between the first and subsequent echoes can mangle simple loops into new complex rhythms. The LFO allows various modulator-type effects such as flanger and chorus. And then when you bring it all together, a highly resonant object with the delay brings you into the drones territory.”

To get Objeq Delay for free, simply add any paid-for product to your basket and make sure to check ‘Yes, I want to receive this free gift!’ at the checkout. The plugin supports VST, AU and AAX formats and is normally priced $139 USD.

All products currently on sale at Plugin Boutique also qualify you for this promotion, so make sure to check the huge list of deals including products from iZotope, BeatSkillz, Future Audio Workshop, Cherry Audio, D15 Group, and many more.