Plugin Boutique is offering an exclusive 40% discount on ShapeShifter by Aberrant DSP, a one-of-a-kind dynamics remodeler and character compressor that is designed to completely transform the shape of your sounds.

ShapeShifter moulds a blend of multi-band upward and downward compression into a toolbox for adding colour, body, and grit to your sounds. This can take the form of anything from a subtle vibe boost to blown-open, raucous carnage.

ShapeShifter features

  • Upward / Downward compression controlled with a common Ratio.
  • Transients section with Ratio and Threshold controls, allowing for separate control of downward compression.
  • Upward compression Floor control for taming room sound or unwanted noise.
  • Flexible envelope shaping through Attack and Release time controls.
  • Tone adjustment for broad shifts in colour and character.
  • A wide-ranging Drive control with two models: A (gentle) and B (hard).
  • Asymmetry control for attaining harsher, grittier drive textures by way of even-order harmonics.
  • Dry / Wet mixer for easy parallel processing.
  • Custom preset system with 64 factory presets, showcasing ShapeShifter’s versatility.

Available for Windows and Mac (VST3, AU and AAX), ShapeShifter is only $12 USD until March 31st, 2023 (regular $20 USD).

More information: Aberrant DSP