Ableton has released some free downloads.

The Schwarzonator is a Max for Live patch from Henrik Schwarz, Berlin’s own jazz/soul/electronica legend.

“The Schwarzonator is a note twister. It’s all about helping musicians (or non-musicians) find the right notes and chords in real time. It turns one finger playing into chords that fit together well. Choose from a list of Chord Sets in a drop down menu. Then all notes you play on your keyboard will fit into the selected Chord Set.”

The Schwarzonator also comes with a companion device, called ‘Little Brother,’ which applies chord changes from the Schwarzonator onto other tracks.

The Schwarzonator is free but you’ll need Max for Live for it to work.

Ableton has also released two free Live Packs by KJ Sawka, drummer extraordinaire.

The first Live Pack is called ‘Mad Beatz.’ Here’s a personal description from the artist:

“I’m KJ Sawka and I’m excited to introduce the ‘Mad Beatz’ drum n’ bass, dub step and breakbeat collection exclusively for Ableton Live, as a special holiday gift. I’m proud to be part of the world changing Ableton team!

‘Mad Beatz’ is mainly drum and beat-oriented stemming from a live acoustic drumming session recorded at the Art Institute in Seattle, Wa USA. There are also plenty of electronic drum loops, percussion, basslines and keyboard riffs.”

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s the second Live Pack. Here’s what KJ Sawka has to say about that:

“I’ve also included a song off my latest recording, ‘Undefined Connectivity,’ called ‘Void of Truth.’ An interesting take on drumfunk drum n’ bass with a twist of lime.”

Note: The KJ Sawka Live Packs require Live 8.1 or higher.

More information: Ableton / The Schwarzonator / KJ Sawka Live Packs