Ableton has announced the release of a free sample pack of sounds by Polish composer Bogusław Schaeffer, curated by experimental duo Matmos.

An example of Bogusław Schaeffer’s experimental notation. Bogusław Schaeffer / Copyright: Aurea Porta

The 200 samples included in the pack are based exclusively on recordings of Bogusław Schaeffer’s electroacoustic pieces created at the Polish Radio Experimental Studio.

Keep your creativity flowing through the festive period with a free sample pack from the Polish Radio Experimental Studio, put together by maverick maestros Matmos.

Explore out-there sounds from the ‘60s and ‘70s, and check out Matmos’ thoughts on sample pack ethics and the work of Bogusław Schaeffer, whose work from PRES they used to make the pack.

The download includes a folder of audio WAV files and an Ableton Live Project. Live 10 Suite is required to make full use of the devices included in the Live Project.

More information: Ableton