Ableton Live Template for electronic & live performance by Will Marshall


Will Marshall has released a comprehensive performance template for Ableton Live, designed for the Push 2, but equally usable with the Push 1, Launchpad Pro, APC40 or any other grid-based controller for Live.

Will Marshall Live Performance Template

Over the last few years I’ve done a bunch of work building live performance systems for jazz musicians, singer-songwriters, DJs, hip-hop artists, and my own project: Coma Cartel. I’ve learned a lot about using Live with bands, as a solo artist, and as a synthesist.

With this template I’ve taken all the techniques I’ve developed and put them into a cohesive whole: designed for a seamless blend of electronic & live performance, and completely useable while playing instruments or singing. The whole thing is built without any custom scripts or MIDI mapping, and it ships with a bunch of material from Coma Cartel that’s used for demonstration.

Live Performance Template features

  • Decks for DJing and stems performance.
  • Vocal looping & processing.
  • In-depth FX.
  • Extensive drum racks.
  • Hot-swappable MIDI instruments.
  • Hot-swappable guitar tone presets.

The template is available for purchase for $20 USD.

All the techniques used are broken down in a series of free tutorial videos that should help artists learn to reproduce the template.

More information: Will Marshall / Live Performance Template

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