Ableton has announced the release of BeatSeeker, a responsive Max for Live device that adapts Live’s tempo to stay in time with a drummer or other rhythmic audio. It lets bands maintain their natural groove when performing with Live.

Ableton BeatSeeker

Bands who use Live in their setup often use a click track to make sure they’re in time – the drummer follows the computer and the band’s groove gets locked to the grid. Now with BeatSeeker, a new Max for Live device by Andrew Robertson, drummers can take control and bands can maintain their natural groove when performing with Live.

BeatSeeker works by detecting the BPM of any rhythmic audio signal and matches Live to its tempo. Drummers can also switch between playing to a click or having Live respond to shifts in tempo by using one simple control, which can MIDI-map to a footswitch or other controller. And while BeatSeeker is designed for use with live drums, it can be used to sync Live with turntables, drum machines, or any other rhythmic or percussive signals used in performance, production or DJing.

BeatSeeker is available for purchase for 24 EUR.

More information: Ableton / BeatSeeker