Ableton updates Live and Suite to v7.0.18

Ableton Live 7

Ableton has released version 7.0.18 of Live and Suite, software for creating, producing, and performing music.

Changes in Live/Suite 7.0.18

Improvements since v7.0.16:

  • Controller surface support for the Novation LaunchPad controller.
  • Controller surface support for the AKAI MPD-18, MPK-25, MPK-61 and MPK-88 controllers.
  • Controller surface support for OpenLabs devices.
  • Several improvements for the AKAI APC.

Bug fixes since v7.0.16:

  • Putting third party plug-in with MIDI out ports on the master track and route the MIDI output of the master track into a MIDI track would crash Live.
  • Opening a particular set would crash as soon as the clip detail view of a particular clip would be opened.
  • Deleting temp folder would not always work properly.
  • Ctrl + Z on modal dialog on a modal dialog could crash Live.
  • The display representation of the Axiom Pro’s endless encoders would not update when the knobs itself are turned.
  • The state of the tempo nudge up/down would be saved within a Live set by mistake.
  • Select on launch would not working when using the APC.
  • Locked user remote script would not be locked after re-loading the Live set.
  • On Mac OS X, switching on the APC 40 or the Remote SL after Live is already started could still not allow to use the controller until its MIDI port was closed and reopened.
  • On Mac OS X 10.6.0, using the Complex warper could crash Live.
  • Playing MIDI could crash Live when multi-core support is enabled.
  • Switching on track-solo would not work properly in exclusive mode when switching via the APC.
  • On Mac OS X 10.6.x, starting Live with a template set that contains audio clips, and with another CoreAudio client running at the same time (e.g. iTunes), would freeze Live. Also, changing sample rates in Live would not work properly.

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LOL. I thought you had posted a typo. I don’t use ableton, but I was pretty sure the latest was v8.09. It’s true that nobody updates non-current versions of sequencers. So even as a non-user, I commend ableton for doing the right thing(TM). Someone should post a link to this page on the sonar and cubase forums to show them what real support looks like.