Abletunes has announced the release a new Foundation series sound pack for Ableton Live. Analog Bass is a 2GB collection that features over 50 bass instrument racks, multi-sampled from various hardware synths and suitable for virtually any genre of music.

All the racks have filter and effects macro controls, and are ready-to-use out of the box.

No matter what genre of modern music you make, bass is the foundation and it should sound as solid as possible. And it’s a fact that analog synths are the best at generating warm and fat bass sounds that cut through the mix. So this pack is definitely a must have for any producer, no matter what genre you’re working in.

Analog Bass pack is suitable for both upcoming and experienced producers. Upcoming producers get a ton of ready-to-use instrument racks that can be instantly dropped into your Live sets and adjusted using handy macro controls. More experienced producers will find a ton (over 2GB) of carefully sampled analog sounds and pure oscillator waveform multi-samples that are ready to be layered and modulated to make countless bass sounds. We included 2 racks with pure oscillator waveforms of Roland Alpha Juno and Korg MonoPoly that you can use to emulate those iconic synths or push them to the next level using Sampler’s modulations and filters.

Available to download for free, Analog Bass joins the previously released Foundation series Woodwinds, Saxophone, Brass, Strings and Keys.

More information: Abletunes