Abletunes has announced the release of its new RVRB algorithmic reverb plugin designed by producers for producers.

Abletunes RVRB

The reverb does not aim to emulate hardware, but to create a modern reverb tool for modern music production. It is capable of a wide range of natural and creative reverb sounds, from small rooms and studios to wide halls and modulated spaces.

Based on high-end algorithm, it delivers a wide range of reverb sounds, from small ambiences and rooms to wide halls and heavily modulated spaces.

Designed by producers for producers, RVRB is a versatile reverb plugin that comes packed with lots of innovative features for modern music production – Soft Attack, Tail Control, built-in compressor, Input and Damping EQs, and many more.

RVRB features

  • Slick retina-ready and easy-to-use interface.
  • Soft Attack knob that smoothens the initial transient of input signal to pick up the reverb from the body of the instrument/sound and reduce unpleasant smacks in the reverb tail.
  • Tail Control knob that allows you to limit the length of the reverb tail by the input signal length. This helps you to create more controlled and creative reverb effect.
  • Built-in compressor to make reverb tail more prominent and louder.
  • Full-featured 4 band parametric equalizer for shaping the input signal.
  • 4 band Damping equalizer that allows you not only to reduce high or low frequencies but also to cut certain frequencies to get an even more interesting reverb sound.
  • Stereo width control for widening or narrowing the stereo image of the reverb.
  • 12 reverberation algorithms ranging from basic rooms and studios to halls and plate.
  • Real-time spectrum analyzers for both Input and Damping equalizers.
  • 60+ Built-in presets for the most common instruments and sounds.

The VST3/AU plugin is available for $99 USD.

More information: Abletunes