Abstract Data has announced the release of the ADE-30 Wave Boss and the ADE-31 Logic Boss, two new Eurorack modules.

Abstract ADE-30 & ADE-31

The ADE30 combines the most practical and commonly used waveform and CV utility functions in a compact, fully featured module with 4 independent, DC coupled stages and 7 unique functions in total.

The ADE31 is a multistage, switchable logic and pattern generation module combining utility and performance oriented features. Up to 4 inputs and 12 simultaneous outputs in a unique cascading architecture with CV switching and linking between the 2 stages.

ADE-30/ADE-31 features

  • ADE-30 Wave Boss:
    • 4 stage waveform & CV utility module.
    • Independent stages, 8 functions in total.
    • DC-coupled ins & outs for each stage.
    • Works with Audio, LFOs, CV, Logic & EGs.
    • External CV control & on-board attenuation.
    • Indicator LEDs for positive & negative cycles.
  • ADE-31 Logic Boss:
    • 2 stage, switched, cascading, logic module.
    • Up to 4 inputs & 12 outputs – simultaneously.
    • Unlinking gives 2 independent 6 part stages.
    • Link stages by CV & on-board switching.
    • RTL works on all input types – not just logic.
    • LED indicators for all inputs & outputs.
  • Power supply reverse-voltage protection.
  • Low-profile build mounts in any depth rack.

Both modules are now on sale for £145 GBP each (inc. free shipping).

More information: Abstract Data