Loopmasters has introduced a new sample pack from the Abstract Sounds label. Deep Breaks delivers a collection of overarching themes of haunting melancholia, counterbalanced with shuffling rhythms and cosmic-floating atmospherics that ripple throughout.

Emerging from electronic obscurity and forward-thinking musical experimentalism, Abstract Sounds have once again propelled themselves into the world of deep progressive music, now in the form of 8 emotively captivating construction kits to stimulate your inner creativity and flesh out new track concepts.

Incorporating dramatic and resplendent synthesiser melodics as well as quintessential swung breakbeats, Deep Breaks will resonate with all fans of artists such as Bicep, Four Tet, Max Cooper, and Jon Hopkins. These are the kind of fleeting sound experiences that come along only once in so often. Just by hearing the demo track, you can almost feel the collective dancefloor euphoria, uniting listeners from all backgrounds in one moment. Let your music take audiences on a journey.

Focussing on a diverse palette of sounds which nod to the rave-centric past of old-school breaks yet innovate and look towards the future development of the genre. These full-flavoured samples offer up the chance for artists to make their mark within this field. Although auditorily minimal, when one really listens, the technically complex reveals itself, proving why this music has successfully captivated large audiences from around the globe.

The pack is priced £16.95, with parts also available separately starting from £6.95 GBP.

More information: Abstract Sounds