Accentize has announced the release of DeRoom Pro, a machine-learning based reverb removal audio plugin built for professional use.

An artificial neural network has been trained on many different room scenarios in order to be able to separate direct sound from reflection components. The real-time processing scheme provides instantaneous feedback while changing parameters and allows seamless integration into your workflow without having to switch applications.

Based on the DeRoom plugin, this new de-reverberation plugin for professional contexts comes with some added features:

  • Improved Neural Network, the core algorithm has been further trained to be more accurate.
  • Spectral Focus Mode, to tune all parameters in three adjustable frequency bands.
  • Attack and Release, to tackle ‘pumping’ artifacts.
  • Automatic Room Size, continuous adjustment to the source audio.
  • Spectrogram Visualization, you can observe how DeRoom Pro is affecting each frequency.
  • Difference Listening, listen to room sound only.
  • Low Latency Mode, the overall latency can be reduced to roughly one third.

DeRoom Pro (VST3/AU/AAX) is on sale at a 25% intro discount, priced 157 EUR until August 20th, 2020 (regular 210 EUR). Prices ex. VAT where applicable. DeRoom users can upgrade at an additional 30% discount.

More information: Accentize