Accentize has announced updates to its DeRoom and DeRoom-Pro machine-learning based plugins for removing reverb from your audio.

An artificial neural network has been trained on many different room scenarios in order to be able to separate direct sound from reflection components. Reverb tails and echos are automatically detected and then precisely suppressed or if desired entirely removed. DeRoom is perfectly suited to increase the quality and intelligibility of speech which has been recorded in very reverberant environments.

Similar to the recent VoiceGate update, the underlying algorithms have been completely re-worked. They now achieve a far more accurate de-reverberation especially for larger rooms with long reverb tails.

The improvements could be achieved by optimizing the layout of the neural network and feeding in even more example recordings.

The upgrade is free for all DeRoom/DeRoomPro license owners. A 7-day free trial for Windows and Mac (VST3, AU and AAX) is available for new users.

More information: Accentize