Accentize has announced the release of an improved version of its VoiceGate intelligent noise reduction effect plugin.

VoiceGate2 features a complete rework of the audio engine. The improved algorithm achieves a far more accurate noise reduction for any kind of dialogue recording. The update also comes with new visualization options and a more efficient spectral focus mode.

VoiceGate is a Machine-Learning based audio plug-in which can be used to reduce noise from speech and vocal recordings in real-time. An artificial neural network has been trained on thousands of different audio recordings to learn the characteristics of human speech. The plugin can automatically adapt to any type of noise and lets you easily control the amount of noise reduction you need. VoiceGate removes noise and cleans up your recordings with just a few clicks!

VoiceGate2 is available for purchase for 129 EUR ex. VAT where applicable. Owners of VoiceGate can upgrade for free, while new users can try the free demo. The plugin comes in VST3, AU and AAX formats for Windows and Mac.

More information: Accentize