Accusonus has partnered with Sound Radix in a Halloween Sale, offering two exclusive drum mixing plugin bundles at up to 34% off regular.

This Halloween, accusonus and Sound Radix have teamed up to bring you two exclusive and time-limited bundles.

Add clarity and punch by applying the advanced dynamics processing of the Drum Leveler, adjust drum bleed to your taste with drumatom², automatically align your microphones and improve phase issues with Auto-Align and effortlessly sculpt the sound of your drums while preserving musicality with Beatformer.

The Halloween Drum Mixing Bundles are a collection of pioneering audio plug-ins used by top engineers and producers to get world-class drums on their tracks.

The bundles are on sale, priced at:

  • Halloween Drum Mixing Bundle: drumatom² and Drum Leveler for $299 USD (regular $448 USD).
  • Halloween Drum Mixing Bundle Xtra: drumatom², Beatformer, Auto-Align and Drum Leveler for $499 USD (regular $696 USD).

drumatom² is also on sale individually for $149 USD (regular $299 USD), and registered Accusonus users can also get a discount on Drum Leveler and the Halloween Drum Mixing Bundle upgrade from their Accusonus dashboard.

The offer expires November 5th, 2018.

More information: Accusonus