Accusonus has released an update to its Rhythmiq plugin that turns your tracks into a performance.

The update includes some improvements and fixes, and introduces AAX support for Pro Tools 2019.

Rhythmiq allows you to instantly jam with your beats. Get unlimited beat variations with the turn of a single knob. Generate and save new Rhythmiq patterns and instantly create fills and build-ups. Enable your A.I. Beat Assistant and let Rhythmiq perform your beats in real-time like when you are jamming with a human band-mate.

Changes in Rhythmiq v1.0.7

  • Improved audio performance during playback when HOST mode is enabled.
  • Improved real-time syncing when changing DAW playback position.
  • Improved GUI rendering performance.
  • AAX Plug-in support for Avid Pro Tools 2019 (Beta).
  • Fixed Scene launching not working correctly under certain playback conditions.
  • Fixed Automation parameters not working correctly during host record mode.
  • Fixed Drag & drop not working correctly under certain conditions.

Regularly $149 USD, Rhythmiq is on sale for $99 USD as part of a Holiday Sale through December 31st, 2019.

More information: Accusonus