ADSR Sounds has announced a promotion on the Acid Box bassline synthesizer instrument, offering 50% off on the recreation of the iconic TB-303 synth for a few days only.

Acid Box is focused on real-time creation of sequences and tweaking in live situations.

Get your live performances further with ACID BOX, a bass line synthesizer with custom functions, a 16 to 64 steps sequencer, and 5 integrated effects.

A simple tool for real-time creation.

Acid Box features

  • Up to 64 steps per pattern.
  • More than 180 patterns in bank.
  • 5 integrated FX, 4 different distortions and one delay, with sync, ping pong mode.
  • Easy pattern view.
  • Record on the fly, MIDI in external devices.
  • Playing chords automatically arpeggiate the sequence.
  • 3 sync modes: Internal, Host sync, MIDI in.
  • Multiple import and export formats: .303, Phoscyon, ABL2, ABL3.
  • Realtime multiple random options: only accents, slides, notes, params, all random (see more on the specifications).
  • MIDI OUT (sync with an external synth, or drag & drop the MIDI on clips in live situations).
  • Step shift: to move your sequence to the left or the right.
  • Transpose: the entire sequence moves up or down.
  • Multiple ways to launch patterns: via MIDI programming and launch quantifications.

Available for Windows, Mac and Linux in VST and AU plugin formats, Acid Box is $25 USD until March 4th, 2021 (regular $49.99 USD).

More information: ADSR