AcmeBarGig BIG

AcmeBarGig has released version 1.01 of BIG, a freeware bass amp simulator effect plug-in for Windows PC.

BIG 1.01 is a bass guitar amp designed from the bone crushing tones of DIG 2.0 and the ear crackling tension of Whisper clean Guitar. BIG comes with a built in Noise Gate, AcmeBarGig’s Granite Compressor, and Web Interact Presets. BIG also comes with Acmebargig’s multi-cab technology capable of emulating virtually any Cabinet.

Just like DIG, BIG also contains Gut technology. Gut technology allows you to go into the inner workings of the amp itself and change its primary functionality! Crossovers and filters can be adjusted to dramatically change the way the amp functions.

BIG v1.01 features

  • Cabinet Shaper, filter + 3 equalizer strips.
  • Noise gate and mono/stereo delay.
  • Preamp Only, 2 tubes, post distortion filters and input and tone stack crossover.
  • Suite, combining the three previous plug-ins + Whisper, a separate amp designed specifically for clean guitar sound.
  • Presets with the ability to download and upload presets
  • Manual (.pdf) included.

BIG is available as a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.