AmceBarGig Preampus C-15

AcmeBarGig has released Preampus C-15, a free effect plug-in for Windows PC.

One turn of a knob lets you know this amp is one step away from being out of control, but the knob itself posesses all the harnes required to make sure that C-15 does not lose its head. Just like the C-15 engine, one step on the pedal and you just know that this thing is crazy! If it ever got loose there would be a problem…luckily It never does get loose and can be controlled, so what your left with is ‘Controlled Insanity’…

Where the AcmeBarGig Series 60 is capable of holding back and creating clean sounds as a result, C-15 – just like its real world counter part – just wants to go! Forcing a C-15 to hold back is not the best way to treat it, in ther real world that can manifest itself in many ways, in the ABG C-15 head it manifests itself in limited tone qualities, Crank it up and let it cut loose, you will be rewarded with a high gain that delivers crisp over tones and rich soundscape. This is a METAL Head, nothing else. If you wanna play Jazz, go elsewhere, cause C-15 don’t play Jazz, or even classic rock, It wants METAL and nothing else.

Preampus C-15 is available as a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.