Acon Digital has launched version 7.1 of its Acoustica audio editor for Windows and Mac.

The Premium Edition now comes with an extensive collection of VST, VST3, AAX and Audio Unit plugins for use in third party host applications.

Included are already commercially available plugins such as Equalize 2, Verberate and Restoration Suite as well as new plugins covering dynamic processing, mastering, effects processing and audio restoration.

The new plug-ins are based on audio processing tools already present in Acoustica 7.0 with significant improvements in audio quality, workflow and versatility. A new Transfer plug-in for Pro Tools users makes audio transfers between Pro Tools and Acoustica a breeze, thus expanding Pro Tools with an extensive set of tools for audio restoration and processing.

Further improvements are found in the Retouch tool which now offers a new Replace mode along with the previously available Attenuate mode. Both the Standard and the Premium Editions benefit from the new multi-threaded processing in the Batch processor which reduces the processing time on multi-core CPUs. The window docking system now offers detachable window panes which can be placed on different monitors.

The audio output from the clip editor is now routed through the Processing Chain. The whole chain can be enabled or disabled using a power-on button. Voice-over actors will enjoy the new pre-roll feature which simplifies re-recording of phrases that need improvements.

Acoustica 7.1 features

  • Extensive collection of plug-ins for use in other host applications (Premium Edition only).
  • Pro Tools Transfer tool lets you transfer audio to Acoustica and back again after processing (Premium Edition only).
  • Improved Retouch tool with new Replace and Attenuate methods (Premium Edition only).
  • The processing in the Batch processor is now multi-threaded for increased performance on multi-core CPUs.
  • Improved docking system with detachable window panes for multi-monitor setups.
  • Improved recording dialog with optional pre-roll.
  • RF64 support.
  • Automatic update notifications.

Available from Acon Digital and distributor Plugin Boutique, the Premium Edition of Acoustica 7.1 costs $199.90 USD. It includes Equalize 2, Verberate, Restoration Suite (DeClick, DeClip, DeHum and DeNoise), Phono Filter, Vitalize, Convolve, Dither, Dynamics, Multiband Dynamics, Limit and the Transfer Pro Tools to Acoustica audio transfer plugin.

The feature limited Standard Edition is $59.90 USD.

More information: Acon Digital