Acon Digital has announced the release of Verberate Immersive 2, a surround and 3D capable version of its acclaimed Verberate 2 reverb plugin.

Just like the stereo version, Verberate Immersive 2 includes the new Vivid Hall algorithm for late reverberation, an algorithm based on entirely new technology which is designed for natural and pristine reverb tails without repeating patterns, resonances or other artifacts.

Verberate Immersive 2 supports surround and immersive formats up to 7.1.6 channels.

“We have worked closely with professionals in film and TV post production during the development of Verberate Immersive 2”, says Stian Aagedal, CEO of Acon.

“We wanted to develop a product that truly delivers, not only when it comes to audio quality, but also when it comes to workflow. We realize that sound editors are working under tight deadlines, so we wanted to develop a tool that delivers the best possible results quickly and intuitively”, he continues.

Verberate Immersive 2 offers complete and independent control over the panning of the dry sound, late reverberation and early reflections. The panners work in up to three dimensions and have adjustable divergence.

The pan positions and divergences are visualized and adjusted in an intuitive way, thus simplifying automation of complex movements.

Verberate Immersive 2 Panning

The decay editor that makes it possible to sculpt the reverb tails by setting up frequency dependent reverb times has been significantly improved. It now offers bell as well as high and low cut and shelving filters similar to a parametric equalizer. The filter slopes can be adjusted continuously as with most Acon Digital plugins.

The integrated input and output equalizers offer the same filter types and both the decay editor and the equalizers show accurate curves with interactive handles to modify the filter band settings.

The 15 early reflection patterns offered are algorithmic, calculated in real time and applied using convolution. A dense and resonance free late reverb tail follows the early reflections, resulting in extremely convincing room simulations with impressive depth combined with the flexibility algorithmic reverbs are known for.

A large catalog of beautiful factory presets is delivered with Verberate Immersive 2 and a clear and straightforward graphical user interface simplifies the search for a specific reverb sound.

Verberate Immersive 2 is available in VST/VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats. It costs $199.90 USD, with a 25% early bird discount offered until June 15th, 2019. Owners of the stereo version can upgrade for $99.90 USD.

Note that Verberate 2 is on sale at a 25% discount exclusively from Plugin Boutique until June 25th.

More information: Acon Digital