Acon Digital has released version 1.6 of its Verberate and Verberate Surround natural sounding reverberation effect plug-ins for Windows and Mac.

The graphical user interface is now resizable and they have improved a building block in the late reverberation algorithm so that it now causes even less coloration in the reverb tail.

Changes in Verberate v1.6

  • The graphical user interface is now resizable.
  • Improvements in the late reverb tail algorithm for even less coloration.
  • Improved CPU load distribution over time.
  • Fixed code signing issues under OS X.
  • OS X installer now lets users choose which plug-ins to install (AAX, AU or VST).
  • Fixed crash in Pro Tools 10 when using Verberate as an upmixing insert (e.g. mono to stereo) combined with very small buffer sizes.

Verberate and Verberate Surround are available for purchase for $99.90 USD and $199 USD, repectively. The update is free for all Verberate and Verberate Surround customers.

More information: Acon Digital