Acon Digital has updated its Mastering Suite consisting of five mastering plugins to version 1.1.

The bundle of plugins that were designed for maximum signal transparency and an intuitive workflow now supports macOS Catalina.

Dynamics is a combined compressor, expander or gate with powerful sidechain filtering.

Acon Digital Dynamics UI

Dynamics now offers a new auto-release mode that dynamically changes the release time depending on the audio material.

A new Range control makes it possible to limit the maximum gain reduction during dynamic processing. Parallel compression is easily achieved using the new Mix knob that controls the mix of processed and unprocessed audio.

Multiband Dynamics is the multiband extension of Dynamics which allows dynamic processing in up to four separate bands.

Acon Digital Multiband Dynamics UI

In addition to the linear phase processing previously available, version 1.1 introduces mixed phase filtering which reduces pre-ringing — a well-known problem with linear phase filtering.

Pre-ringing smears sharp transients and thus degrades the audio quality. The new Channel Linking parameter controls how independently channels are processed.

Limit is a transparent limiter that reduces distortion to a minimum.

Acon Digital Limit UI

The limiting is performed in a two-step process with a pre-compressor followed by the actual peak limiting algorithm.

Just like Dynamics, the pre-compressor has a new auto-release mode that adapts the release time to the audio material.

Also included in the suite are the versatile equalizer plug-in Equalize 2 and Dither, a dithering plug-in with flexible perceptual noise shaping.

Acon Digital Equalize UI
Acon Digital Dither UI

All plug-ins now offer a search button in the preset manager that makes it easy to type and find plug-in presets.

Mastering Suite 1.1 is available from Plugin Boutique at the introductory price of $99.90 USD until March 1st, 2020 (regular $129.90 USD). The upgrade is free for current Mastering Suite customers.

More information: Acon Digital