Acousticsamples has launched VTines MK1, a virtual electric piano instrument for UVI Workstation and Falcon.

We have always had the idea that the future of virtual instruments was going to be the sound quality of sampling but with the playability of modeling. Getting both with only samples requires too many of them and only with modeling requires too much CPU.

We found a way to combine both technologies by using samples as the sound source and all the rest uses modeling techniques. This allows the V Tines to weight only 80Mb (retina graphics and presets included), to really sound like a Fender Rhodes© with all of its imperfections and to have a fully continuous response (if you’re not convinced, listen to the 127 velocity example in our video) as well as a highly tweakable sound.

VTines MK1 features

  • Sampling and modeling hybrid of a Mark1 Fender Rhodes.
  • Full continuous velocity.
  • Perfect staccatos and release samples.
  • Around 35 high quality presets.
  • Fully customizable instrument to match any real life Rhodes voicing and adjustment.
  • Precisely measures Vibrato effect.
  • Very detailed Rhodes© AMP simulation with different mic placements and true stereo response.
  • FX Pedalboard with 8 high quality effects.
  • Completely adjustable MIDI response.
  • Auto keyboard velocity adjustment tool.

VTines MK1 is available for the intro price of 79 EUR until November 25th, 2018 (regular 99 EUR).

More information: Acousticsamples