Acousticsamples has released Drumysm, a light version of the upcoming Batterysm drum sample library.

Drumysm features

  • The DrumysM Jazz-fusion Drums is a Yamaha stage custom set.
  • 12″ piccolo snare, 13′ ziljian Hit hat, 20″ bassdrum, 16″ jazz bassdrum, 10″ tom, 20″ istambul ride.
  • 363MB sample bank, no loops.
  • 505 samples / from 30 to 50 per sound.
  • detailed snare: right hand, left hand center and border + rim shot.
  • Detailed hit hat: closed hard, closed normally, opened, more opened, more more opened, foot closed.
  • EXS24, KONTAKT2 format.

Drumysm is available for download for €15 EUR.

Visit Acousticsamples for more information and audio demos.