Acousticsamples JazzGuitarysM

Acousticsamples has released JazzGuitarysM, a sampled jazz guitar for Kontakt.

The JazzGuitarysm guitar is an ES335 Gibson jazz guitar fingered and recorded at 24bits 44.1khz from the direct output of a tube preamp

JazzGuitarysM features

  • 1.03GB sample library, no loops.
  • 9 velocity layers for the sustain, 15 for the release and 14 for ghost notes.
  • Additional fret noises.
  • Easy to play monophonic hammers and slides, and simple polyphonic chord slides.
  • KONTAKT2 format only, advanced scripting.
  • Really easy to play on a keyboard or to program events on a sequencer.

JazzGuitarysM is available now for €39 EUR. Check the manual (pdf) for details.

Visit Acousticsamples for more information and audio demos.