Acousticsamples Kawai-EX

Acousticsamples has announced the release of Kawai-EX, a grand piano sample library for Kontakt.

The Kawai-EX PRO sample Library is a fabulous 9-foot (276cm) KAWAI EX concert grand piano that used to be in the Kennedy center in Washington DC. this Library is the result of a collaboration with Lance Herring

Kawai-EX Pro features

  • 17.49Gb sample bank, no loops Recorded at 24Bits/48Khz.
  • 5 “pedal up” layers, 5 “pedal down” layers, and 15 release samples per note.
  • Multiple mic position and mixing from the interface.
  • Multiple releases depending on time. They have been carefully picked up for each note to really reproduce the real mechanical behaviour of a note.
  • Sympathetic resonance (pedal down samples).
  • Thumps samples and Automatic Pedal noises samples.
  • Custom kontakt interface that let you modify the response of the piano as well as its tone and the volume of the releases and the pedal.
  • Ability to save polyphony by enabling / disabling each position.
  • KONTAKT 3 (optimized for Kontakt 3.5). Easy to use KONTAKT interface.

Kawai-EX Pro is available for purchase for 89 EUR.

A Lite version is also available for 59 EUR. This 5.8Gb library has 4 “pedal up” layers, 4 “pedal down” layers, and 4 release samples per note, and only one microphone position, the player one.

More information: Acousticsamples / Kawai-EX Pro / Lite