Acrobatics Software has released version 1.1.5 of Mate, a free synthesizer instrument for Windows.

Acrobatics Mate

A hands-on, simple desktop musicians friend, inspired by synthesizers of the seventies and eighties: produces original synth tones and reproduces strings pianos, basses, organs and bells patches with ease, but it can also explore wild and spacey atmos using its flexible modulation options and smart programming.

Changes in Mate v1.1.5

  • Added mouse control selection with accurate or fast options on the back of unit.
  • Changed graphic style for selections on the back of unit, now matches usual Acrobatics style.
  • Added alternative SKIN: acid green anonymous style, accessible right-clicking on the logo, saves with preset.
  • Added Default Bank .FXB file (the collection of 48 default patches) in folder.
  • Added Empty bank .FXB file (48 empty patches) in folder to start synthesizing from.
  • Fixed some informations and layout in documentation included.

Mate for Windows (VST) is available to download as freeware.

More information: Acrobatics / Mate