Acustica Audio has announced the release of Green 4, an updated version of its audio plugin suite featuring 4 plugins derived from 2 iconic studio units.

The suite emulates high-end processors designed by George Massenburg.

Finally, after a long wait, Green 4 has landed and it now includes a 5-band Mono Parametric Equalizer, a 5-band True-Stereo Parametric Equalizer, a 5-band Stereo Parametric Mastering Equalizer and a Stereo Mastering limiter/compressor.

Green4 emulates industry-standard, high-end processors found in recording studios across the globe, manufactured in the USA and designed by one of the most famous and respected recording engineers in the world, who is also the inventor of the parametric equalizer.

Green 4 is available at the intro price of 129 EUR for a limited time (regular 219 EUR).

More information: Acustica Audio