Acustica Audio has announced Amber3, an effect plugin suite that offers an accurate reproduction of an original, pure Class A optical compressor, a redesigned iconic EQ and preamp by Avalon Designs.

In designing Amber3, we aimed at achieving total sound purity and depth, achieved through the use of Class-A discrete solid-state circuitry, as well as a thoughtful mixture of active and passive filter cells, absence of any DC-blocking capacitors on the signal path and more.

We then squeezed all the sampled units into a high-performance channel-strip for your own earvana.

Amber3 includes:

  • Amber3 EQ and Stereo EQ (Equalizer standalone modules): Class-A musical equalizer, characterized by an ultra-realistic design to deliver sonic excellence.
  • Amber3 Comp (Compressor standalone module): Class A opto-compressor, a very transparent, dynamic processor designed to deliver utmost musical performance.
  • Amber3 Pre (Preamps standalone module): Fully discrete, Class A microphone preamplifier standalone plugin.
  • Amber3 Channel-strip: Complete and versatile channel strip comprising all the previous plugins.

Each plugin comes in a “Standard” version and an alternative “ZL” version which operates at zero latency.

Amber3 (VST/AU/AAX) is on sale for the early access price of 129 EUR for a limited time (regular 189 EUR).

More information: Acustica Audio